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A selection of (media) interviews I gave on my research topics:

  • Expert interview with Philipp Löwe (Der Spiegel) on cultural appropriation during the Capitol Riots in Washington, and on Native American cultural traditions (buffalo and coyote imagery), 7 January 2021.

  • Expert interview with Kurt Prinz and Clemens Marschall (Austria) for their forthcoming non-fiction book on the Austrian and German Indian hobbyist communities (September 2020). The book Ich bin Indianer: Nachahmung kultureller Identitäten (I am Indian: Emulating Cultural Identities) will be released early in 2021.

Ich bin Indianer: Nachahmung kultureller Identitäten

  • Dossier to discuss Native American imagery in right-wing anti-immigrant discourse in Europe and the US, analyzing such imagery in the manifestos of the El Paso shooter (August 2019), and of the massacre in Norway (2011). High Country News, 27 August 2019, by Kalen Goodluck:

Far Right Extremists Appropriate Indigenous Struggles for Violent Ends

  • Radio feature on German “Indianthusiasm,” covering Evan Torner‘s research on East German “Indian movies” made in the 1960s and 1970s, and my own work, particularly how Native imagery feeds into anti-immigrant rhetoric among the German populist and extreme Right today. The interviews are individual segments, while the main segment discusses the nomination hearings for Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh (hence the episode title). New York Public Radio, 5 October 2018, by Brooke Gladstone, Bob Garfield, and Micah Loewinger:

On The Media – The Victimhood

  • Radio feature to commemorate the anniversary of Tecumseh’s death, discussing his life, death, and legacy in the US and Germany. Westdeutscher Rundfunk, 5 October 2018, by Almut Finck:

“Zeitzeichen: Tecumseh, Indianerhäuptling (Todestag 05.10.1813)”

  • Dossier on the history of German “Indianthusiasm” and nationalism. De Standaard, 4 August 2018, by Evita Neefs:

“Winnetou was een goede Duitser. Waarom de Duitsers zo Gefascineerd Zihn door Native Americans”

  • Dossier on the history of German “Indianthusiasm.”  Le Monde, 19 July 2018, by Marc-Olivier Bherer:

“L’Amérindien, Modèle de la Nation Allemande”

Geschichte der Psychiatrie

  • TV feature on the East German “Indian Hobbyist” movement. Includes interviews with members of the movement, as well as contextual interviews with Native American scholar Renae Watchman and media activist John Blackbird. Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk, September 2015 (Der Osten. Entdecke, wo Du lebst), by Kristin Kielon and Gesine Schultz:

“Tipi, Tanz und Totempfahl. Die Hobby-Indianer. Indianistik im Wandel der Zeit”

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